Round TEN : the semifinals are settled

Fri 5th: St George’s clinch home semi-final

The final day of 2018/19 League matches saw defending champions Luxfords St George’s Hill win 4-1 away at Coolhurst to overtake Tradition@RAC at the top of the Southern Division table, earning a home semi-final.

Elsewhere Welsh Wizards finished their inaugural season with a 3-2 home win over Bexley, and Bristol finished on a high with a home win over 2017 champions Nottingham – but apart from the top pair in the Southern Division all the league placing remained as they were after Tuesday’s set of matches.

Semi-Final Update :

Defending Champions St George’s Hill finished top of the Southern Division, so the semi-finals, w/c 6th May, will be  St George’s v Pontefract and WarKens v Tradition@RAC

Adrian Waller 2-0 Mohamed ElShorbagy   11-7, 11-4
Nathan Lake 0-2 Tom Richards   10-12, 8-11
Angus Gillams 0-2 Borja Golan   9-11, 9-11
Ondrej Uherka 0-2 Robbie Temple   7-11, 7-11
Katie Malliff 0-2 Jasmine Hutton   12-14, 10-12

Marwan ElShorbagy 0-2 Josh Masters   11-13, 10-12
Emyr Evans 2-0 Diego Gobbi   11-5, 11-7
Elliott Morris Devred 2-0 Ted Jeal   11-6, 11-3
Lewis Poole 0-2 Jack Mitterer   6-11, 8-11
Tesni Evans 2-0 Elise Lazarus   11-6, 11-5

Tom Ford 2-0 Julian Tomlinson   11-5, 11-4
Brian Byrne 2-1 Adam Auckland   11-7, 9-11, 11-7
Theis Houlberg 1-2 Lewis Walters   12-10, 7-11, 6-11
Hadrian Stiff 2-0 Nick Hargreaves   11-4, 11-1
Karina Tyma 0-2 Hana Ramadan   6-11, 8-11

Tue 2nd: WarKens clinch top spot as Pontefract squeeze into the semis

In the final round of PSL league matches Warwick/Kenilworth secured top spot in the Northern division with a 3-2 home win over Newcastle, while Pontefract squeezed into the semis despite a 2-3 defeat at Birmingham Lions in a second place decider which left them level on points with Pontefract’s greater number of wins the deciding factor.

WarKens quickly went two-nil up at numbers four and five to secure top position, but Owain Taylor pulled one back for Newcastle before Iker Pajares sealed the win for the home side, and Cameron Pilley won the top string match to make it 3-2.

Likewise, Birmingham went two-nil up, Millie Tomlinson notching up a fine win over Laura Massaro and Jack Turney beating late stand-in Lewis Doughty. But Pontefract levelled them match thanks to wins from Patrick Rooney and Chris Simpson, sealing that semi-final place before Joel Makin won the top string to give Birmingham the 3-2 win.

In the Southern Division Tradition@RAC, already assured of a semi-final spot, finished with a comprehensive 5-0 win home win over Chichester to set defending champions St George’s Hill a target of 9 points to top the table in their final match on Friday.

Raphael Kandra 0-2 Cameron Pilley      7-11, 13-15
Iker Pajares 2-1 Piedro Schweertman      11-6, 9-11, 11-6
Mahesh Mangaonkar 1-2 Owain Taylor      4-11, 11-5, 8-11
Harry Falconer 2-0 Liam Gutcher      11-3, 11-7
Sarah-Jane Perry 2-0 Tinne Gilis      11-6, 11-5

Joel Makin 2-0 Saurav Ghosal      11-5, 11-6
Stuart Macgregor 0-2 Chris Simpson      2-11, 4-11
Chris Hall 1-2 Patrick Rooney      5-11, 11-8, 9-11
Jack Turney 2-0 Lewis Doughty      11-6, 11-8
Millie Tomlinson 2-1 Laura Massaro      11-7, 7-11, 11-8

Paul Coll 2-0 Olli Pett      11-8, 11-2
Daryl Selby 2-0 Tim Vail      11-9, 11-8
George Parker 2-0 Tom Walsh      11-7, 11-6
Ben Coleman 2-0 Miles Jenkins      11-9, 11-7
Alison Waters 2-0 Alison Thomson      11-6, 11-2


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