2019-2020 Fixtures

NOTE : Dates are currently Tuesdays, home team can choose a different day in that week.  

Provisional second half dates :
R7  27-Jan, R8 17-Feb,  R9 23-Mar, R10 20-Apr, Semis and Final tbc

Northumberland Club / Newcastle University Team Coolhurst
Team Pontefract RAC PSL Team
University of Birmingham Lions St. Georges Hill
University of Nottingham University of Warwick / Kenilworth Squash
Alba Storm  Welsh Wizards
R 1
01-Oct Newcastle 3-2 Nottingham (9-5) 01-Oct Warwick 5-0 Welsh Wizards (13-2)
10-Oct Birmingham 1-4 Pontefract (3-12) 16-Nov Coolhurst v RAC
R 2 R 2
15-Oct Nottingham 2-3 Birmingham (6-9) 15-Oct RAC 3-2 Warwick (10-5)
15-Oct Pontefract 3-2 Alba Storm (11-6) 15-Oct Welsh Wizards 4-1 St George’s (12-4)
R 3 R 3
05-Nov Newcastle 4-1 Birmingham (12-4) 04-Nov Coolhurst 3-2 Warwick (10-4)
05-Nov Alba Storm 2-3 Nottingham (6-10) 05-Nov St George’s 1-4 RAC  (2-11)
R 4 R 4
26-Nov Pontefract v Newcastle 26-Nov Warwick v St George’s
28-Nov Birmingham v Alba Storm 26-Nov Welsh Wizards v Coolhurst
R 5 R 5
10-Dec Nottingham v Pontefract 10-Dec RAC v Welsh Wizards
10-Dec Alba Storm v Newcastle 10-Dec St George’s v Coolhurst
 Second Half fixtures  
R 6
R 6
07-Jan Pontefract v Birmingham 07-Jan Welsh Wizards v Warwick
07-Jan Nottingham v Newcastle 07-Jan RAC v Coolhurst
R 7 R 7
Birmingham v Nottingham Warwick v RAC
Alba Storm v Pontefract St George’s v Welsh Wizards
R8 R8
Birmingham v Newcastle Warwick v Coolhurst
Nottingham v Alba Storm RAC v St George’s
R9 R9
Alba Storm v Birmingham St George’s v Warwick
Newcastle v Pontefract Coolhurst v Welsh Wizards
R10 R10
Pontefract v Nottingham Welsh Wizards v RAC
Newcastle v Alba Storm Coolhurst v St George’s