The PSL currently comprises Twelve Clubs – listed here, but each club also has its own page with more info (click its name or check the menu dropdown)

Club Div Full Name Main Twitter
Bexley S Bexley @Bexley_Squash
Birmingham N University of Birmingham Lions @UBSportPSL
Bristol S UWE/Elitesport Bristol @bristolpslteam
Chichester S Team Chichester @CRAFC64
Coolhurst S Coolhurst  @CoolhurstTweets
Newcastle N Northumberland Club / Newcastle University  @TheNmbrlandClub
Nottingham N University of Nottingham  @UoNSport
Pontefract N Team Potefract  @PonteSquashClub
Tradition S Tradition @ RAC  @TraditionRAC
W/Wizards N Welsh Wizards  @welsh_wizards
St George's S Luxfords St George's Hill  @DannyLeeSquash
WarKens N University of Warwick / Kenilworth Squash  @squash_ken