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  1. Hi good day .. I am Robertino Pezzota from Argentina. They passed me their contact with the intention of joining me in the England league .. He won very important titles worldwide, Pan American, South American and national. Unfortunately for the economy of my country and lack of support for not being able to compete and fulfill my dream of moving forward and playing with the best players in the world. He decided to move to Europe .. I send you my resume and I leave some of my latest results. Pan American squash champion 2017 Bronze medal in the Pan American Games 2019 Lima Peru losing with Miguel Ángel Rodríguez 3 to 2 in the semifinal. Champion of the PSA Boston 10 k. 2018. 70 PSA ranking … a short time ago but I can’t play more tournaments because I don’t have help … Not long ago with James Wilstrop 3 to 2 at the World Cup in France .. I have a lot of followers in my country and America that can have the spectators when I play the league … I am a very good friend of Lionel Messi and he once promised to go to see me play … but in Argentina the squash is not football and is not broadcast. . I am currently number 1 in the country and for 10 years Thank you very much, I send you my website … from when I left junior champion 19 so far .. Try to answer and tell you everything as brief as possible. Although it is difficult to sell in a short time. Thank you very much for listening to me

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