PSL on Twitter

Twitter seems to be the ideal way to keep up to date with what’s happening on PSL evenings, with players, clubs and fans all getting involved in the action. The PSL makes extensive use of Twitter for News, Results and other updates using the @PSLsquash twitter account.

Club Twitter Accounts

Birmingham:  @UBsportPSL  
Northumberland/Newcastle :@TheNmbrlandClub
Nottingham: @NSRCPSL  @UONsport
Pontefract:  @PonteSquashClub
RAC: @RACpsl
St George’s:  @DannyLeeSquash  @stghltc
Warwick/Kenilworth:  @WarKen_PSL  
Welsh Wizards : @welsh_wizards

NOTE: It’s the responsibility of the home club to tweet – as a minimum – the five full results in each match.

Top Twitter Tips

If you want to stay in touch with what’s happening, you can fire up this site where the twitter widget on the right fits in nicely with the auto-refreshing scoreboard page, and/or you can set your preferred twitter client (we like TweetDeck)  to search for pslsquash.

All the little updates are great, but what we really need are the final results of each match, so here’s a few little tips, aimed mainly at the home club, who are responsible for getting the results through:

  • We follow all the official and other obvious accounts, but if you start a new one, please tell us (@pslsquash) or use #pslsquash in your tweets
  • Don’t leave us dangling, or piecing a result together from snippets, give us the FULL RESULT at the end of each match, as in …
  • Joe Bloggs 2-0 Bill Smith  11-6, 11-3  (37m)  (or Joe 0-2 Bill 6-11, 3-11 (37m)
  • Please do quote the home player first, as turning them round does our head in (and leads to mistakes)
  • Interim scores are great, but at the end of each game is probably enough, unless something spectacular happens
  • Tweet a few PHOTOS if you can – teams at the start, the crowd, the spectators, the meals, a bit of action although that’s tricky, so go for atmosphere and emotion. Maybe post the scorecard at the end ? We’ll add photos to each round’s roundup page, and to the Gallery.